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Translations Szczecin

Translation Office
57 Kaszubska Street

   » CONTACT «
+48 91 433 61 99

Rules for acceptance and execution of orders


  • Our standard deadline is the following business day, provided the document to be translated is not longer than 5 pages  
  • Express translations are completed on the day of acceptance of source document before 12:00 PM
  • Express deadline applies to orders for the following business day exceeding 5 pages
  • Express deadline does not apply to translation for the following business day of standard documents (vehicle documentation, Vital Records, school, and employment certificates), irrespective of number of pages
  • Upon request by the Client, we complete orders after business hours and during holidays based on negotiated prices
  • Individual deadlines and rates may be negotiated upon prior contact with our Office


  • One page of certified translation equals 1125 characters (25 lines 45 characters each), ordinary translation - 1500 characters
  • 'Character' is each visible printing mark (letters, numbers, punctuation marks, spaces, intervals, division marks)
  • In case of documents in another printing or typing mode, one page equals 1125 characters
  • The basis for calculation of the price of translation is the translated text, not the text submitted by the client
  • A commenced page of translation is considered a full page 
  • The basis for evaluation of translation is the resolution of the Ministry of Justice of January 24th 2005 on remuneration for certified translation services (Uniform text: DZ.U. - the Polish Journal of Laws, No. 15 of 2005, Item 131) 


  • Cash
  • Postal order
  • Regular clients may make direct payments by bank transfer 


  • Traditional print-outs and xerox copies
  • Files stored on CD and DVD discs
  • Files stored on USB compatible pen-drives and flash-discs
  • Discs
  • E-mail correspondence (in E-mail content or attachment) sent to 


Before final high-volume print (brochures, business cards, books, posters) verification and editing is recommended after typesetting and text makeup have been completed.

Translations Szczecin:
  • Ordinary translations
  • Certified translations
  • Non-standard translations
  • Specialized translation
    - technical
    - economic
    - medical
    - legal
    - IT and lierary translations
  • Interpreting services - simultaneous  and  consecutive

Typical documents for translation:

  • Vehicle documentation
  • School certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Vital records certificates
  • Polygraphic materials:
    brochures, folders, etc.
  • Official documents

We offer translations "from" and "into" the following languages:

English, German, French, Russian, Danish, Flemish, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Lithuanian, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, and others

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